OU Business Networks Breakfast Briefing

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 08:00 to 10:00

The OU Business Networks Breakfast Briefing will take place at 8am-10am on Tuesday 14 March in the Hub Suite, The Open University, Walton Hall.   Book your place via the link below. 

 It will be presented by Dr Alex Wright, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management. The title is “Do employers really want their employees to be critical thinkers?”

 Alex will explain his research project idea that would examine how critical thinking is understood among employers and practitioners.

 Some of the questions that will be discussed during this Business Breakfast session are: What is critical thinking in a business context? Do businesses want their employees to be critical thinkers all of the time? Some of the time? Only when specifically asked for? If it’s some of the time, is critical thinking something that can be turned off and on? Is critical thinking always negative, or can it be positive? Can employers trust their employees to think critically? What are the barriers that prevent employees from thinking critically?

 The link to the website event page is: http://business-school.open.ac.uk/events/breakfast-briefing-do-employers-really-want-their-employees-be-critical-thinkers