Public Leadership Perspectives: Does evidence-based policing require evidence-based management

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 18:00 to 20:30

The Open University,
Walton Hall,
Milton Keynes,


  1. Introduction (3.23 minutes)


Professor Jean Hartley sets out the aims and objectives of this session and its contribution to policy and practice. 


2. Introduction to Evidence Based Management (10.07m)


Carolyn Wilkins discusses evidence base management and language – what is evidence?


3. Management Quote (1.06m)


Professor Rob Briner, Queen Mary University of London, explores whether management matters. 


4. Evidence Based Practice (3.39m)


Rob Briner looks at the concept of evidence based practice, the problem evidence based practice aims to fix and misconceptions. 


5. The Four Areas of Evidence Based Management (3.03m)


Four sources of evidence are talked about by Rob Briner.  He discusses decision making taking absence management as an example. 


6. Gut and Intuition (1.54m)


Rob Briner: What is it about ‘gut feel’ as a form of evidence? 


7. Obstacles to Evidence Based Management (5.34m)


What gets in the way of evidence-based practice (in management)?  Rob Briner talks about cognitive biases.


8. Obstacles to Evidence Based Management (8.04m)


Considering the adoption of fads and fashions are Rob Briner’s topic in this resource. 


9. Obstacles to Evidence Based Management (2.46m)


Regarding powers, politics and careers – Rob Briner looks at whether evidence-based practice help.  


10. Evidence Based Management in Policing (4m)


A look at evidence based management in policing by Rob Briner.