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What is an EBC?

Evidence-Based Champions (EBCs) are individuals at any level of the organisation who initiate, facilitate and implement change. 

The definition of an EBC is evolving as police officers take on the role and develop it within their practice.

Four levels of an EBC

The CPD circle

The College of Policing CPD Framework

Image courtesy of College of Policing
Act as a pathfinder providing advice, guidance and support at the individual level.
Incite innovation that focuses on strategic organisational issues to provide advice on transforming evidence into practice.
Provide subject-specific advice for different roles within the Police (e.g., Investigation, Cyber-crime, etc.).
Work within the forces locally, focusing on supporting specific issues relevant to their force.

Who is an EBC?

An EBC is a member of the Police Force who may be any one of the following:

An Enthusiast
Is committed, motivated to innovate and inspires
Has some educational experience e.g., Degree, Postgraduate Certificate or PhD
Has some educational experience e.g., PG Certificate OR Evidence-Based Practice
Has some experience of academic research within Evidence-based Practice within the police

What does an EBC do?

EBCs offer advice on Evidence-Based Practice at different levels. There are four levels of EBC in-line with the College of Policing's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework.

An EBC encourages and supports evidence of what works in policing.

What are the motivators to become an EBC?

EBCs are motivated by one or more of the following:

  • Belief in Evidence-Based Practice
  • Enthusiasm to promote Evidence-Based Practice within policing
  • Desire to encourage knowledge exchange (within Evidence-Based Practice) and improve the professionalism of policing
  • Ambition to enhance their CPD, raising their profile within the police and aiding potential promotion.

Contact us at the Centre to register your interest in becoming an EBC.