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Use your previous learning to help you gain an OU qualification (June 2017)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the identification, assessment and formal acknowledgement of learning and achievement that occurred at some time in the past which is taken into account when you register for your study. The OU has an RPL policy which outlines key criteria for exemption from OU study and which includes the following general statement:


College of Policing Bursary Scheme (June 2017)

Launching the 2017/18 College Bursary Scheme


The College of Policing would like to announce the launch of its new 2017/18 Bursary Scheme and we would also like to remind you about our Academic Support Network on POLKA………..


New College Bursary Scheme launched

Super recognisers

There are huge individual differences in the ability to recognise faces.  Most of us can recognise hundreds of faces of people that we know well, but tend to be very poor at remembering faces that we have only seen briefly, such as is the case in witnessing most crimes.  Research has demonstrated clearly that we find unfamiliar face processing very difficult. Find out more and read the attached document. 

The Met: Policing London Series 2

Don't miss The Met: Policing London Series 2 on Weds 24 May 2017 9pm BBC1 and 11pm BBC Scotland

Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence Based Practice - open for registration

In consultation with the Centre’s policing partners and the College of Policing, a specially designed Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence Based Practice has been developed for police officers and staff. 

The PG Cert in EBP is designed for police officers and managers working in the police service in a variety of capacities. It aims to develop a deeper understanding of the use of evidence based practice. In particular it provide practical guidance on using research evidence within a workplace project and in carrying out your daily activities.

Early Bird Booking Now Open - 2018 SEBP conference

The Centre for Policing Research and Learning are delighted to be hosting the 2018 SEBP conference in Milton Keynes.

The Centre exists to create and use knowledge through both research and education to improve policing. In this way, the Centre contributes to the work of police forces as they adapt to a changing policing landscape, with its greater emphasis on evidence-based practice.

The conference will showcase new research and knowledge across all areas of policing and will include world-class academics.

‘Pracademia – how a short but sweet collaboration panned out’ by Jane Birkett, Senior Officer, National Crime Agency (NCA)

Three months as Senior Practitioner Fellow with the Open University’s Centre for Policing Research and Learning (CPRL) taught me many things, not least that despite the chasm of differences between law enforcement and academia the two can cooperate extraordinarily well.  This is of course dependent on the spirit of the people involved, their dedication to the cause and willingness to learn from each other, which I think (and know that I’m not alone from talking to my academic research team) is achieved with gusto in this union. In a nutshell, CPRL does what it says on the tin and more.

New book: Learning for Organizational Development

Eileen Arney’s new book Learning for Organizational Development: How to design, deliver and evaluate effective L & D provides an introduction for practitioners to organization development and to  designing and delivering effective people development in  modern organizations. It explores the issues and opportunities facing learning and development(L&D)and provides practical guidance on:

Blog: Do new laws on phone use whilst driving fully reflect scientific knowledge?

On 1st March, tougher penalties for hand-held phone use whilst driving came into force. Those who are caught now face a £200 fine and 6 points on their licence. On announcing the change in legislation, Transport minister, Chris Grayling claimed that drivers must “take responsibility” for their actions, making phone use behind the wheel as socially taboo as drink and drug driving.

The Centre for Policing Research and Learning are delighted to be hosting the 2018 SEBP conference in Milton Keynes.

Picture of the Walton Hall building at The Open University

The Centre for Policing Research and Learning are delighted to be hosting the 2018 SEBP conference in Milton Keynes. 

The Centre exists to create and use knowledge through both research and education to improve policing.  In this way, the Centre contributes to the work of police forces as they adapt to a changing policing landscape, with its greater emphasis on evidence-based practice.

The OU Breakfast Briefing: Do employers really want their employees to be critical thinkers?

The Open University Business Network is here share our insights into leadership and management to help your business flourish – that is why we have set up the Business Network with its quarterly Breakfast Briefings.

The Business Network Breakfast Briefing will be led by Dr Alex Wright, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at The Open University Business School. Alex will explain his research project idea that would examine how critical thinking is understood among employers and practitioners.

Book your place here:

Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Practice

Please find attached further details relating to the registration process for the Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Practice. 

An Introduction to public leadership is now live as a study-anytime course

We are very pleased to let you know that the free to study anytime OpenLearn course An Introduction to public leadership is now live at the following link:   


Centre for Policing Research and Learning Senior Practitioner Fellows

Have you seen and met the police officers around the campus?   No, it’s not an undercover investigation of any nefarious activities of academics.  We have five police officers and staff who are or have been on secondment to the Centre for Policing Research and Learning as Senior Practitioner Fellows.  Their secondments were funded by the Police Knowledge Fund and enabled them to join existing research projects, both to learn about research skills and also to contribute to research with their practical knowledge of policing and police organizations.

Senior Practitioner Fellow in Digital Forensics – a secondment opportunity for police officers and staff (full or part-time considered). 13/12/2016

We are please to announce a secondment opportunity for a full or part time Senior Practitoner Fellow.

Please see the document attached for more information

2 PhD Studentships (part-time) starting October 2017, application close 17/03/2017 (posted 13/12/2016)

The Open University Policing Consortium are pleased to announce the opportunity to apply for one of 2 part -ime PhD Studentships.  Applications close at midday on 17 March 2017. 

Please see the attached document for further details.

Open University/Oxford University/Brunel Doctoral Training Partnership (posted 06/12/2016)

The Open University invites applications for full - and part-time studentships in our suite of pathways within The Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership.

The link below is to the Grand Union advert for PhD studentships on

Online MOOC: Introduction to cyber security (posted 29/11/2016)

This free online course, Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online, will help you to understand online security and start to protect your digital life, whether at home or work. You will learn how to recognise the threats that could harm you online and the steps you can take to reduce the chances that they will happen to you. 

CPD Week Day 5! Jane's Blog ‘Pracademia – A Complex Ethical World’ 11/11/2016

Today, in our final contribution to CPD Week, you can read about the experience of one senior officer, Jane Birkett, from the National Crime Agency in being one of the Open University’s Senior Practitioner Research Fellows. These ‘pracademics’ as they are sometimes known, work alongside Open University academics for 3-6 months on a research project which contributes to the evidence base in an area of professional importance to them and their organization.

CPD Week Day 4! 'Mentoring' 10/11/2016

Today we highlight the importance of mentoring for supporting CPD. Part of our work this year has been to develop resources which help police professionals understand their role as a mentor and help develop skills and techniques for supporting the learning of the staff they mentor. Click on the Knowledge Exchange tab at the top of the Home page and find out more.

CPD Week Day 3! MOOC, 'Finding the Truth' 09/11/2016

Today’s CPD activity highlights a new Open Educational Resource (OER) called Finding the Truth. This looks critically at the assumptions we make about the evidence gathered around three fictional crimes. This fun interactive is an example of the type of online CPD learning available from the Open University’s OpenLearn platform where all the short courses and learning resources can be accessed free. To see more click on the Learning tab at the top of the Home page. Enjoy!

CPD Week Day 2! 'Evidence Cafe 5: Leadership and Political Astuteness' 08/11/2016

Today’s CPD activity is an Evidence Café being held at Thames Valley Police. The subject of the Café is leadership and appropriately it will be led by Centre Director, Professor Jean Hartley, alongside our Evidence Café academic lead Dr Gill Clough. If you want to know more about Evidence Café’s, how they work, and how you can arrange one in your force/locality, click on the Knowledge Exchange tab  above and look for Evidence Cafés. Click though to this page and you can view some of our past Café’s and read more about how you can set one up in your own force.

CPD Week Day 1! 'MOOCs and OERs: Innovative online professional learning with the Open University' 07/11/2016

Welcome to CPD Week on our website. Each day this week we will highlight an aspect of our work which is contributing to continuing professional development in policing. Today we begin with this short article which explains a little about MOOCs and how they can be a useful way of engaging in professional development with the Open University. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course and this article, which will also be published later this week on College of Policing's 'What Works?' Website, explains more about how they work and how they relate to your CPD.

Blog: ‘Pracademia – A World of Opportunity’ by Jane Birkett, Senior Officer, National Crime Agency 20/10/2016

Please read this blog by Jane Birkett, Senior Officer, National Crime Agency and Senior Practitioner Fellow, Open University.

‘Pracademia – A World of Opportunity’

Do you like research?  Want to be part of a movement?  Develop professional skills?  Work within a totally different world?  Well then I’d thoroughly recommend this!

College Bursary Scheme 2016/17 14/09/2016

The College Bursary Scheme provides an opportunity for police officers and staff in forces in England and Wales to apply for funding to support a programme of higher education academic study.  It supports police practitioners to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in the use of research, to extend the reach of evidence based practice, and to contribute to their continuing professional development.  Police practitioners can apply for up to £3,000 per year for up to two years of study, a maximum of £6,000 in total.

Opportunity for one Senior Practitioner Fellow 09/09/2016

The Open University's Policing Research Consortium and our Centre for Policing Research and Learning were pleased to recruit to 5 Senior Practitioner Fellowships, linked to the research work of the Centre.  The fellowship are on a 3-month fully funded secondment basis, which are open to applications from Centre partner organisations only. Policing professionals spend three months working shoulder-to-shoulder with academics on a defined research project.

MOOC - An introduction to Public Leadership 15/07/2016

Our 3 week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), An introduction to Public Leadership, starts on 12th September!!

Click the link to sign up:


Post-graduate Certificate - Evidence-based Practice. 30/06/2016

Next presentation for students to register on the Post-graduate Certificate - Evidence-based Practice is open!

The Certificate will start in November

For more information of the certificate go to:

PhD Studentship Opportunities (part-time) starting October 2016 (positions now filled) 30/06/2016

Following the success of our PhD Studentship scheme last year (with four new part-time PhDs), the Consortium is now offering the opportunity for employees of the partnering police forces and agencies to apply for a part-time PhD studentship. 

Click here for more information