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Research Fellowship

Mode: Full-Time (or Part-Time)

Time: Typically 3 months

The Centre for Policing Research and Learning initiated a programme of Senior Practitioner Fellowships (SPF) to enable the secondment of police officers to work shoulder to shoulder with academics. The SPFs work on key research topics relevant to specific police problem-solving areas. Secondment of police officers and staff through the Senior Practitioner Fellowship programme enables police officers to work in research teams to both contribute to the research and then reinforce its use back within their police force.

Senior Practitioner Fellowships (SPF)

One of the key activities of The Centre for Policing Research and Learning is to conduct a programme of high quality research through collaboration and engagement.

To enhance this collaborative research approach 5 Senior Practitioner Fellows (SPF) have been recruited to work on specific research problems and challenges within the police.

Typically these secondments range between 3 or 6 months providing police officers with the opportunity to undertake collaborative research within a specific field of interest.  This work aims to draw on the skills of both academics and police practitioners to produce high quality research relevant to police, policy and practice.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Senior Practitioner Fellowships, or for more information about research collaboration please contact the centre.

SPF Research Projects

SPF’s will contribute to current research projects with a specific focus on problem framing, research methodologies, evidence implementation and police policy.

Research projects will benefit from expertise of specialist police officers/staff whose experiences will enhance the research outputs.

Projects that have SPF’s assigned are:

  1. Leadership to create public value: Quoc Vo, Thames Valley Police (July to Dec 2016) Jim Beashel, Dorset Police (Sept to Dec 2016)
  2. Improving investigations through utilising technology, community and psychology: Jane Birkett National Crime Agency (August to Nov 2016)
  3. Game-based learning from police training in child interviewing: Andy Ryan: Thames Valley Police (Jan – March 2017)
  4. Demand Management: Anna Jennison-Philips: Gloucestershire Police (Jan - March  2017)

SPF Experiences

You can read about the experiences of one SPF, Jane Birkett from the National Crime agency. ‘Pracademia – A Complex Ethical World’.