Evidence Café 11: The DIVERT project - What works well, what works less well, what can be improved (MET Police)

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 10:00 to 12:00

London - New Scotland Yard

Evidence Cafe on experiences of DIVERT, feedback and evaluation of future initiatives that tackle young reoffending. 

We began the day with a brief introduction to how the Evidence Cafe format worked and to the overall aims of the session.  There were about 16 people attending, with backgrounds ranging from being members of partner groups, e.g. the Milestone project, officers and staff working on the DIVERT project and representatives from the community where the pilot project was run.

We then did around the room icebreaker introductions, with each person explaining who they were and what their background was. 

To kick off the research sharing part of the cafe, Gill explained the how we were going to use the Evidence Typology posters, laid out on the tables, to support us as we gathered feedback on all aspects of the DIVERT Project from all the different perspectives of the people present. 

Dr Anne Pike then presented her research on offender identity and the overwhelmingly negative impact of the transition from inside to outside. 

Rush McFarlane then explained a little about her work with young people and we broke out into groups, using the Evidence Typology to scaffold discussion and to capture Data, Information and Knowledge. Over the two hours, we capture evidnece from all aspects of the DIVERT project – stories (the experiential data), Opinions (e.g. reports, media coverage), research (both from academics and from the police, and its relationship to the DIVERT project) and procedural processes (which may have helped or hindered).

Having gcapturing this information that was previously mostly inside people's heads, we then began to identify gaps, barriers etc and collate ideas moving forward.

We ended with a 10 minute plenary, wrapping up the session. The notes and evidence are being written up to support the project into the future.