Evidence Café 14: From Data to Knowledge: Making sense of evidence using the Evidence Typology (Bedfordshire Police)

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 14:00 to 16:00

Police forces across the UK collect enormous amounts of data. This data is often simply reported as raw numbers. Though interesting, this does not make optimum use of data. This evidence cafe uses an Evidence Typology to review the evidence on anti-social behaviour, assign meaning to to the data by turning it into information and knowledge, identifying who holds the data, and where it is located, thereby creating a useful resource and driver for strategic initiatives to fill gaps. 


Bedfordshire Police HQ,
Woburn Road,
MK43 9AX

Do you feel that you’re drowning in data? Suffering from information overload? Longing for knowledge that makes a difference?

But what is the difference between these things (data, information and knowledge). Understanding how they relate to each other can help you develop knowledge that makes a real difference to police practice.

We use research from the fields of organisational learning, information sciences and knowledge exchange to provide a route through the different sorts of information evidence collected by police forces, translating different types of raw data into useful and useable knowledge.  

This Evidence Café will help map out what we are currently doing, who is doing it and most importantly, where the gaps are. Filling these gaps will help identify productive next steps to produce measurable outcomes.

This isof particular value to those engaged in analysis, problem solving, corporate design, or environments where the volume of data seems likely to threaten the current modus operandi, highlighting a need for innovation in approaches to handling data.