Blog from MOPAC and The Open University's first L&D National Learning Network event at City Hall Friday 9th November 2018.


One of the attendees of the event– Chief Inspector and Head of Operational L&D at West Midlands; Allan Green has written a blog on the event itself:



Four months ago, I received a phone call to inform me that I was being posted to the role of Head of Operational Learning and Development for West Midlands Police.  As a twenty year officer, all of which has been in uniformed front line positions, you can imagine the emotions and feelings of trepidation I began to experience!  Shortly, after I started in the role, I met the team from the Open University as part of the MOPAC review.  I was impressed with their knowledge, experience and social skills so quickly formed a close bond.  This led to my attendance at the MOPAC Conference (National Learning Network event) in London on Friday 9th November.


The event was an opportunity for me to meet people from all spectrums of the Learning and Development world who knew this area of business far better than I did.  The OU team were really welcoming, and recognising that I had attended by myself, they introduced me to other L&D Heads who I quickly formed friendships with.  I spent most of the day talking and learning from these wonderful people.


The day itself was superbly designed, planned and executed.  There must have been considerable effort to deliver such a fantastic event, so full credit to all involved. 


The speakers/presenters were all very good and articulated their views professionally and effectively.  The speakers from the Paramedic and Nursing professions stood out because they had decades of experience and knowledge to offer the audience, most of which were about to embark on the introduction of the PEQF.  I learnt something from all of the speakers, which is rare for conferences in general. 


I have been to many conferences in my career, some good, some bad and others mixed.  This event was one of the better ones and I am already looking forward to the next one in Manchester. 


Thank you once again for the invite and huge congratulations to the team for delivering an excellent event.