Book published- 'Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Public Sector: A guide to best practice'

Cary L. Cooper and Ian Hesketh (University of Lancaster) have recently published a best practice guide to Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Public Sector (Routledge).  A 20% discount flyer is attached.  Content details are as follows:

The pressure on the public sectors to streamline services is unprecedented. But what are the effects of this intense organizational change on such a varied workforce? And how can managers meet the challenges whilst maintaining the health and well-being of staff? Exploring the realities of working in the public sector, and those factors which can add meaning and purpose to working life, this book provides a practical toolkit for creating the best working environment, as well as nurturing resilience and motivation among staff. It concludes with a series of case studies in which various public sector managers discuss initiatives they have implemented, and how successful they have been.