CPD week Day 1: Introduction to CPD week and our challenge to start learning something new

Welcome to the centre’s contribution to CPD Week. Just like last year, each day this week we will highlight an aspect of our work which is contributing to continuing professional development in policing. This year the themes for CPD week are 1) Personal responsibility; 2) Leadership and 3) personal resilience and wellbeing.  Today we simply want to encourage you to take personal responsibility for your own development and we issue each of you with a challenge:  Why not try one of our FREE online courses during CPD week?  We have a wide range of options for you, all of which are absolutely relevant to your work within the police. Some of the shorter courses can be completed within this week and will hopefully whet your appetite for even more learning.  You can find a list of free courses relevant to policing at https://centre-for-policing.open.ac.uk/learning/free.  By following the links you can start one of these straight away.