CPD Week Day 3! MOOC, 'Finding the Truth' 09/11/2016

Today’s CPD activity highlights a new Open Educational Resource (OER) called Finding the Truth. This looks critically at the assumptions we make about the evidence gathered around three fictional crimes. This fun interactive is an example of the type of online CPD learning available from the Open University’s OpenLearn platform where all the short courses and learning resources can be accessed free. To see more click on the Learning tab at the top of the Home page. Enjoy!

Finding The Truth

Step into a world of crime

Have you watched enough CSI to know what constitutes as good forensic evidence? Are you a believer of 'don't do the crime if you can't do the time'? How much do you know about workplace accidents? Or perhaps you have other beliefs about the criminal justice system and want to find out more? Step into three very different and immersive stories to find out what you really know about crime.