CPD Week day 5 - Our partnerships

Our final contribution to CPD Week focuses on some of the work we have done in collaboration with our partners from the College of Policing and police forces that are members of the Centre.  We acknowledge the support of the College of Policing in helping develop some of the courses we have directed you to over the last week.  The Police Service in Northern Ireland were the driving force for a highly innovative course in “Collaborative problem solving for community safety”.  This course is expected to become a standard part of their training, but it is available to everyone here.  It provides a range of tools and techniques to creatively solve difficult problems in a community setting. 

Another way that we have used our partnership to help individuals develop their career is through Senior Practitioner Research Fellows.  A number of officers and staff have worked directly with us, on secondment, to conduct valuable research that can be translated into evidence-based practice within all forces.  Our YouTube channel contains videos from a number of these fellows, discussing their work.