**CPE Week day 5**

Professor Graham Pike invites you to test your own face identification skills by completing an online test:  



After completing the test, pause to think about how well you did, and what might have led you to make errors. Studying facial identification provides a fascinating insight into how our brains work, and is also critical to successful policing as well. To find out more about, and develop your knowledge in this area, you can also read: https://oucriminology.wordpress.com/icccr-online-series/harmful-evidence-wrongful-conviction-or-suspicion-on-the-basis-of-flawed-eyewitness-testimony/

Or if you would like to delve deeper into how the workings of the mind impact a police investigation, you can take our new badged open course on forensic psychology: https://centre-for-policing.open.ac.uk/taxonomy/term/265/free-course-forensic-psychology


Did you take the challenge to study a free Open University course during CPD week?  If not, there's still time to learn something new: https://centre-for-policing.open.ac.uk/learning/free