Showcasing virtual inclusion project tackling hate and extremism

Peter Bloom and his project team unveiled their new virtual reality project ‘Virtual Inclusion: Tackling Hate and Extremism Using Virtual Technology’ at the Google Showcase in London at the end of January.

The team included members of the technology co-operative Animorph, PhD student (in the WELS faculty) George Alain, and a representative from the think-tank DEMOS. They presented their three original virtual reality scenarios which will be released as an app entitled ‘Virtual Inclusion’ on both Android and Apple in February. It will also be hosted as a free web resource through OpenLearn this month.

The event showcased 21 projects countering hate and extremism in UK communities, organised by Google’s charity arm and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) which launched the initiative last year as part of a £1million innovation fund. It was attended by MPs, industry leaders and NGOs all working together to innovatively fight against hate and extremism.

Further details on the ‘Virtual Inclusion’ project, a news article from the recent event, and a short YouTube film featuring some of the other research projects.